My first major “sunk cost” expense was repairing the box gutters.  They where 100% rotten.  I could literally see the outside from inside in both the front and back through the area that should have been closed off by the gutters.  Ricky the racoon and his family (before the trees were cut) had free rein in my attic space (I had the paw prints, poop, and pee stains to prove it) because the gutters basically didn’t exist.  The foundation problems with the house can be directly blamed on the gutters, which for years has allowed water to punish the foundation due to missing or non-functioning downspout.

I got several quotes and decided to go with Fusion Roofing.  They provided three references that I drove by.  I actually got to speak to one of them as she was pulling in their driveway as I was looking at her house.  She was pleased with the work and cost, but warned to get the exact work to be done in writing as the crew will only do what was written.  I also found another on my own.  I checked their online reviews, Google in this case, and was able to locate a person who raved not only about Fusion, but specifically about Randy Rupp, the person that actually did his work.

I asked a bunch of questions and Coy Baker put everything we discussed in writing.  While the crew did everything that was in writing, I did not find they stuck only with that script.  I felt Randy and his crew went over and beyond and made appropriate adjustments based on what they found.  I also requested, and they honored, that they install a 2×8, 16′ piece of pressure treated lumber in the section that is directly over the front porch.  They even painted with the same primer they put on the gutters for me, so it wouldn’t stand out.  This will allow me to add the pergola I have planned with ease in the future.

Check out this video I made of the crew in action: Box Gutter Restoration

My house is really starting to transform.  I’m getting so used to looking at the asbestos tile siding that I’m actually considering keeping it and just paint the house.  I hate the thought of putting vinyl siding on her and I fear that if I remove the tiles and the original cedar shingles are missing in many areas or beyond repair I’ll be forced to go with vinyl.  Unfortunately my budget has no room for James Hardie Siding, a material I’d love to use.


  1. Forgive me for my ignorance but I’m not familiar with old houses, my question is does the metal gutters go inside those boxes or are the boxes themselves the gutters. If the boxes themselves are the gutters what are they lined with to protect the wood from rotting out?


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