I’ve been visualizing my first house for years; always drawn to older/historic homes.  I’ve been collecting pictures of projects and ideas that I thought would be cool to implement, built in dresserone day.  Well thanks to this beautiful house that has fortunately become mine I will be able to implement this one I found on Pinterest.

I’m not a bedroom furniture person.  It’s just stuff you have to dust and gets cluttered, but I need storage.  The eaves of the attic space provide for an abundance of storage, so when I saw this picture I went on the hunt for a salvage dresser I could insert in a section of my eaves.  Today I won one on EBTH.com that I will insert into this 20170727_151433space.  This door, moulding, and shelves was relocated for use in the master bath linen closet we created (that’s the flooring I still need to complete).  Stay tuned to see how mine turns out.  I’ll drop one hint.  Brass knobs will be replaced with knob and tube in tribute to all that I had to remove.

Warning with EBTH.com.  I picked up the dresser, as required, and can’t be more disappointed.  They listed it as a Vintage White Dresser.  There is absolutely NOTHING vintage about that dresser.  Their description was very misleading and I totally regret using their site.  Definitely the first and last time.  I should have waited for the spring garage sell season.  I may not use it as the workmanship of it I don’t think will hold up in the long term. It was one step above IKEA.

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