A good chunk of boxes were emptied out this week with the installation of shelves in my kitchen pantry and 1st floor bathroom linen closet.  But first was the completion of the install of my closet organizing system by Closets By Design.  I had so much going on when this young man was doing his work that I didn’t get any pictures during the process of the install.

Closets by Design had to make two trips.  The first was actually the day after Thanksgiving.  The bulk of the work, which allowed me to hang clothes was completed that day.  However, they did not complete the molding in all areas of the closets.  I assumed they would, given nothing existed previously.  They assumed I had planned to install my own.  Assumption just kill a project.  Biggest lesson I’ve learned this year, ASSUME NOTHING!!!!!

A quick call after he left and an agreement to pay an additional $200 resulted in my closet (minus the door) being the first completed room in the house (paint and molding).

I’m a repeat and happy customer.  Love my closet.  I can’t believe how quickly I filled the rods.  I still need to fill the drawers, but for the most part I can walk around my master bedroom without maneuvering around boxes now.

My new favorite carpenter, Tom, returned to help me put the shelving units in my kitchen pantry and 1st floor bath.  I bought similar units installed by Closets by Design from Home Depot.  The young man actually gave me a few tips about anchoring the panels to the walls, which proved super helpful and made the project a breeze, especially with Tom’s help.

For the kitchen pantry I bought 11 3/4″ wide boards, pre-drilled for the sides and non-drilled for the shelves.

For the bathroom I purchased 15 3/4″ each pre-drilled and non-drilled units.  The bathroom proved to be a bit more of a challenge.  This was the first closet I framed without my father and I didn’t come close to getting it square.  Tom had to add a 1″ wide filler on one side just so the shelves could be cut straight.  Black and White Inspirational is the theme for that bathroom.  I found some really cool peel and stick wall paper on Wayfair.com, O’Shaughnessy Dream Big Script, that I used to line the shelves.  It will also be used in my medicine cabinet project.

I really need to get working on restoring doors, doors, doors.


  1. Good job Venus all the closets look good and I am sure you are proud of both your designs and work! You are right, time to start restoring doors again! It is good that you have that process down now!


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