The master shower floor, along with the quartz for the curb and bench are installed and the tiling can now commence.  To refresh my long term followers and bring the newbies up to speed, the general contractor of the drywall crew put in the first floor.  As I watched him do the work I knew it wasn’t correct, so 3 days later I rented a jackhammer and removed the 12 bags of cement I watched him pour.  That was in July 2018 and the shower has remained that way until July 2019 when Mike Tanner Construction started their work.

I was introduced to Mike by a friend, Vicki Barker, who had hired him to do several projects at her house; two bathrooms, her kitchen, and outdoor living space.  He actually gave me a bid to do my entire project, but I could not afford him.  If I could I’d be living in a finished house right now.  He does fabulous work.  Here are pics from Vicki’s projects.

I sought several quotes for the shower.  Companies didn’t call back, they said they were too busy, or they were expensive.  I got the entire house dry walled (labor and material) cheaper than the quotes I was getting to do the shower floor and tile, so I turned back to Mike. If I was going to spend the money it was going to be with a company who’s work I could verify.  His price was as high as I feared it would be, so I broke the project down into what I knew I couldn’t do and what I could.

Some contractors are an all or nothing.  Mike, fortunately did not take that attitude.  We settled that he would put in the floor, the most crucial part of the project, and lay the quartz for the curb and bench.  Leaks could wreak havoc in my house given the shower is above the living room.  I would lay the tile.  He gave me his quote in March and put me on his calendar to start July 22.  He’s that busy, good companies are.

I had angst from the moment the old crew started mixing cement without sealing any of the seams or corners of the cement board they installed.  When Mike’s guy, John, started work I was at peace.  I took a few pics while he worked, but on most days I left the house and he either sent me pics (so I’d have for blog) or I took pics when I returned and he was gone.  Mike uses the Schluter-KERDI systems, so the linear drain I purchased over a year ago was abandoned as I followed his recommendation to use their drain.  This material is super lightweight as compared cement board, so it definitely eased my concern about the weight on the joist over the living.  It didn’t make financial sense to rip out all the cement board that was still in place, so fortunately his material butt up seamlessly.  I definitely will learn more about the product and use it myself in the future.

I got a call from the plumbing inspector asking about the status of the shower on the day they finished the work, so perfect timing.  I’ll put my woodworking projects to the side and have the goal of having everything but the glass in place by the end of next week.  I actually told the inspector it would be done by Labor Day, but didn’t realize that this weekend was Labor Day weekend, so hopefully he’ll grace me another week.  Enjoy the pics and if money isn’t your obstacle, call Mike Tanner Construction.

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