3I finally sold my mother’s china cabinet, the last item forcing me to keep a storage locker.  I had hoped the garage would have been built by now, so since it is still several months from completion I’m building a lean shed that can hold my lawn mower, snow thrower, and garden tools.  I found the plans on Ebay from a company called Plans Design.

I’d really like to have chickens one day, so this particular design is similar to a chicken coup plan they also have.  I’m hoping I can convert this when the need for storage is over.  I’ll have about $500 in materials (what I spent moving dirt unnecessarily), but plastic sheds in this size at Home Depot or Lowe’s run about that much.  Wood construction sheds, like I’ll be doing, are upwards of $1000.  I do fantasize about building a tiny house, so this is my first dip of my big toe in that water.  Wish me luck!


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